Civil Twilight Shares Acoustic Version of 'Story of an Immigrant' Album: Exclusive Premiere

Civil Twilight
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Civil Twilight

Civil Twilight's third album, Story of an Immigrant, blended typically U.S. and U.K.-sourced rock with lush rhythms of the quartet's South African homeland, channeling everyone from the Verve, to Nirvana to Paul Simon and some South African artists like Johnny Clegg. Now on a new acoustic version of the album, premiering exclusively with Billboard, all that instrumentation is gone as the songs have been totally stripped down. 

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"It was a lot of fun breaking these songs down to their core, stripping them naked and giving them a new outfit," singer Steven McKellar tells Billboard. "To see what else we could bring out of them and what else they could say. These versions allow the listener a closer look and hopefully a more intimate experience of the original album. We hope you enjoy."

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The new set sticks to the band's original Story of an Immigrant track list but varies at the end, adding acoustic versions of "Save Yourself" and "Letters From the Sky" off the band's 2010 self titled debut, before capping off with a mellowed out cover of Billy Idol's classic "Dancing With Myself" that the now Nashville-based band released two weeks ago. 

Story of an Immigrant (Acoustic) will be released July 15 on Wind-up Records. Listen to it here: