Introducing Meowtallica, An All-Cats Remix of Metallica's Classic Songs

Metallica in 2016
Jeff Yeager/Metallica/Getty Images

Metallica at Rasputin Music on April 16, 2016 in Berkeley, Calif. 

Remember Meow the Jewels -- when Run the Jewels promised fans they’d remix and replace the entirety of Run the Jewels 2’s instrumentals with cat noises if they raised $40,000? Fans Kickstarted way more than that figure, and Meow the Jewels became a reality. Could Metallica could do the same?

Lars Ulrich Takes Us Inside Metallica's Record Store Day Vault, Teases New Album

Well, whoever made this video sure hopes so. Today the Internet gifts us the commercial for Meow That’s What I Call Metal! (or just Meowtallica for short), a (for now) purely fictional complication of cats covering Metallica’s most well-known songs. There’s “Meowmeow Meome (Meowmeowmeowium),” “Don’t Meow On Me,” “Meow to Black” and of course, “Meow.” It’s not real, except for this wonderful parody of a late ‘80s/early ‘90s TV infomercial, which you can watch below.

For an update on actual Metallica music, check out our story on Lars Ulrich saying the new album will be finished this summer.