Of Course Father John Misty Recorded a 'Squidbillies' Theme Song: Listen

Father John Misty photographed in 2015.
Emma Tillman

Father John Misty photographed in 2015.

If you ever wonder who is having the best time being a rock star, it's Father John Misty. The misanthropic maestro of melancholy is not only the king of writing delightfully demented odes to love gone wrong, he's also the keeper of a wicked sense of humor. (Just check out his unofficial lyrics to the House of Cards theme.)

The most recent case in point is his down home, fiddle-stoked cover of the theme to Adult Swim's Squidbillies cartoon. As previously reported by Stereogum, Misty is one of several indie rock acts tapped to put their own spin on the tune for every new weekly episode next season. He joins a roster that includes Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten, Jimmy Cliff, Rebecca Schiffman and the B-52's, among others. The show has asked bands to take their shot at the song before, with Band of Horses, Lambchop and Neko Case among those who've given it a whirl in seasons past. 

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Season 10 premieres on July 10.