It's Sum 41 Vs. Crying Jordan & Left Shark in New 'Fake My Own Death' Video

Sum 41 in the video for "Fake My Own Death."
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Sum 41 in the video for "Fake My Own Death."

Trigger warning: Several Left Sharks will die in this video.

Today (June 29), Canadian pop-punkers Sum 41 revealed the first song from their forthcoming album 13 Voices, their first in five years. 

“Today is the day, we can’t wait any longer!” frontman Deryck Whibley shared on Facebook. You guys have been so patient and so awesome.” 

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The big reveal is the music video for “Fake My Own Death,” an aggressive rock song that’s apparently a manifesto against memes and Internet culture in general. Sum 41 (now reunited with guitarist Dave “Brownsound” Bakash from their “classic” lineup, holla) performs the new song while fending off attacks from Crying Jordan, Left Shark, Kermit Sipping Tea, Miley Cyrus from the “Wrecking Ball” video, “Break the Internet” Kim Kardashian, and… there’s just too many to list.

“We wanted you to have this, even though we’re still putting the final touches on the album and haven’t officially picked the first single yet,” Whibley wrote. 

13 Voices is due out Oct. 7 via Hopeless Records. It will be their first album since Whibley’s triumph over alcohol addiction, which required a doctor-induced coma for a week in 2014 so his body could handle substance withdrawal.