Mastodon on Next Album: 'We Are Neck-Deep in Writing Mode'

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Atlanta-based band Mastodon is scheduled to tour Europe in August to make up a month of dates it had to cancel in July 2015 due to a personal matter. Aside from playing those shows -- which include the Brutal Assault, Pukkelpop, Reading and Leeds festivals -- singer-guitarist Troy Sanders says that working on the band’s next album “is the top priority.”

“We are neck-deep in writing mode. We’ve been spending lots of time in our studio in Atlanta, and we’ve got loads and loads of demoed songs that we’re listening to daily and trying to hone in on,” says Sanders. “After doing the typical album-tour cycle that we did the previous two years, it’s now feeling good to get back into the writing process. It’s that balance that keeps this thing going, so we’ve been in Atlanta each week over the past few months, just working on new thoughts, new patterns, new ideas. It’s coming along pretty great. I’m thrilled with it so far.”

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“We want to take it to another good spot, I know that much," Sanders says of the project’s musical direction. "But as far as where it’s going, we’ve got so many ideas at the moment that it’s one of those glorious problems where it’s like, ‘Where do we start? What do we hone in on?’ In a great way we’ve got loads of material all over the place. That’s what has happened over the several previous albums as well, so it’s a good situation to be in where we’re overwhelmed with material. We listen to [things] constantly, and the pieces that really stick out over time are the ones we kind of gravitate toward and finish.”

Sanders anticipates that the album will be released in 2017. Meanwhile, his side project, Gone Is Gone, recently debuted “Stolen From Me,” the third song from its self-titled debut EP, on Billboard.

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