Listen to Stitched Up Heart's 'Event Horizon': Exclusive

Stitched-up Heart
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Stitched-up Heart

Los Angeles-based act Stitched Up Heart, which debuted on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart with the track “Finally Free” in April, is exclusively premiering the song “Event Horizon” from Never Alone, its first album on Another Century that arrives June 17.

“‘Event Horizon’ immediately takes you into space. The lyrics are metaphorically about floating through space and leaving one chapter of your life through an event horizon to another dimension of your life,” explains singer Alecia “Mixi” Demner. “It's about being given a second chance. Not knowing what's next and leaving the past behind.

“I was going through a lot of internal research during the time we were writing this record,” she continues. “I was digging deep and working to be a better person. Prior to teaming up with Another Century I was in a very dark place, and they pulled me into the light. This is transparent in the lyrics of 'Never Alone.' The message of hope is embedded throughout the entire album. Not only was the message intended for me, but it was intended to release others from their internal struggles, as music has done for many.”

Listen to “Event Horizon” below:

Mixi describes Stitched Up Heart’s sound as “a combination of drop-tuned guitars and heavy riffs with a jazzy-pop vocal style. We wanted the music to feel dangerous and reckless with a memorable melody to sing along to. We want to be able to transcend the barriers between genres and connect with as many people as possible.

“From the beginning of the writing process for this record we were fueled with energy to write the best record in our power at this point of our career,” she adds. “I poured as much honesty, authenticity and emotion as I could into every word. We dissected every part of each song to make the sound we wanted to deliver the feel of the lyrics. There's a message of hopefulness embedded in the finished work that we hope translates and transforms as many people as possible.” 

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Stitched Up Heart begins touring the United States today through August with labelmate Lacuna Coil. Tour dates include stops at the 4B Wild West Bike Rally in Brownfield, Texas, and White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Wash. For more information about tour dates and album preorders, visit