The Helmets Share Love of Metallica, Hate of Pop Music at BottleRock 2016: Watch

Pre-pubescent rock band The Helmets paid a visit to Billboard backstage at the 2016 BottleRock Napa Valley to discuss how they got their name, why the hate pop music and more.

“We were skateboarding the first few days and then we played music right away and so it was easier to just keep our helmets on,” Helmets guitarist Bastian Evans says.

The four-piece agrees that their influences hard rockers like Tool, Alice in Chains and Metallica (Helmets bassist Tye Trujillo is the son of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo). And they’re not shy about their hatred of pop music.
“We hate pop, we despise it,” Trujillo says. “It’s all the same sound.” Evans adds with a laugh, “We had a song called ‘Pop Sucks.’”

Watch more in the video above.