Teen Metal Band Unlocking the Truth Drops 'Monster' Video: Exclusive Premiere

Unlocking the Truth
Clay Patrick McBride

Unlocking the Truth

Flatbush, Brooklyn natives Unlocking the Truth take us on a tour of the backstreets of Brooklyn in the "Monster" video, the latest single from their upcoming debut album CHAOS, which Billboard is premiering today (May 25).

Despite their young faces, Unlocking the Truth have been working toward their full-fledged debut for years. As 11 and 12 year olds, the boys went viral in 2013 as they tore up Times Square to the amazement of pedestrians and YouTube viewers alike.

The trio soon became the middle school-aged darlings of music media; the warranted buzz landed them a spot at Coachella, making them the youngest group to perform in the festival's history. They've also supported the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Guns N’ Roses, and Marilyn Manson.

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Though an aborted major label stint delayed the release of the boys' debut album, they've handled it with grace. "We’re so much better technically than we were even a few years ago," says bassist Alec Atkins. "And we’ve had so much experience going into this. You can tell."

Now the boys are taking the reins of their band and dropping CHAOS on independent music distributor Tunecore on June 17. "Over the past few years, I think the biggest lesson we learned is ‘Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself,’" says drummer Jarad Dawkins. "We started out not being vocal about what we wanted. But once we made ourselves heard, well, everything’s rolling."

Watch "Monster" below, and catch CHAOS when it drops next month.