Magic Giant Stretch Out, Perform 'Let It Burn,' Live at the Patch

Magic Giant
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Magic Giant 

Just two years old, L.A.-based indie-folk outfit Magic Giant is already a favorite on the festival circuit -- and not just music events. With a joyful live show and shamanistic vibe, the band is inspiring mass dance-alongs at yoga shows too.

“It was the coolest experience,” says lead singer Austin Bisnow of their first yoga gig.

“It was the first time we started doing improvisation, which was actually really good for the band,” says multi-instrumentalist Zambricki.

Stopping by The Patch in Brooklyn -- one of two houses established by SOUR PATCH KIDS to support touring artists -- Bisnow, Zambricki, and multi-instrumentalist Brian Zahgi discussed how for Magic Giant, three is more company than crowd.

“We kind of butt heads on a lot of ideas musically, which helps us,” says Zaghi. “Because if I didn’t butt heads with [Zambricki], it would be too indie and too raw and grunge-y. If I didn’t butt heads with [Bisnow], it wouldn’t be acoustic enough.”

“We always land on a unanimous decision. With three of us there can’t be a tie,” says Bisnow.

At The Patch, the band members played an acoustic version of “Let It Burn,” a track off their eponymous debut EP with the perfect techno-hippie line, “If you keep dancing / A rough road is smoothed out.” New single “Set On Fire” has logged nearly two million plays, and hit No. 4 on the Spotify Viral 50.

The band will soon be touring the U.S. on a studio-equipped bus, “adventuring and recording,” says Zambricki. “We want part of the recording to capture the essence of writing on the road, and have that spirit.” Catch the band on the following dates:

May 28: Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Bradley, CA
June 10: Hanuman Festival, Boulder, CO
June 11: Hanuman Festival, Boulder, CO
June 16-19: Wanderlust Festival, Stratton, VT
June 22: The Garrison, Toronto, Canada
June 24: Schubas Tavern, Chicago, IL
June 25: Electric Forest Festival, Rothbury, MI
June 30-July 3: Wanderlust Festival, Snowmass Village, CO
July 9: Chinook Fest, Snoqualmie Pass, WA
July 14-17: Wanderlust Festival, Olympic Valley, CA