Volbeat Dance With Danger In 'The Devil's Bleeding Crown' Music Video: Exclusive Premiere

Volbeat photographed in 2016
Nathan Gallagher


Danish rockers Volbeat -- Michael Poulsen, Jon Larsen, Rob Caggiano, and Kaspar Boye Larsen -- may have just wrapped up their inclusive U.S. tour, but their anthemic sound won't be leaving our borders any time soon. Their latest single, "The Devil's Bleeding Crown," currently reigns as the #1 track on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs radio airplay chart, and the song's gritty music video premieres right here on Billboard.

Volbeat Wears 'Crown' Atop Mainstream Rock Songs Chart

New bassist Kaspar Boye Larsen has fully transitioned from touring bass player to permanent member after proving his worth on their U.S. tour. "10 years ago I returned from Volbeat’s very first European tour that I joined as a tour session bass player," Larsen says. "I was so proud of playing with one of my favorite bands and loaded with great memories of good times but also sad that it was over. A lot of things have happened in the meantime but the songs are as great as ever and I’m super stoked to be joining one of my favorite bands on stage, only this time on a permanent basis. I’m very grateful that the guys thought of me after all these years and I can’t wait to see you all out there."

Fifteen years into their career, the guys of Volbeat continue to learn and evolve. "[The album] is Volbeat," vocalist and guitarist Michael Pouslen says. "But there is progress, too, when it comes to songwriting with huge melodies. It has the songs I have been trying to write for years and it seems like I was in the right spot to gather all the pieces." Poulsen described the album as "spiritual with sarcasm," drawing inspiration from New Orleans' voodoo scene, as seen in the downright eerie music video for "The Devil's Bleeding Crown."

For their upcoming album Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie, Volbeat blended their biggest influences (Johnny Cash, Metallica, Slayer, Elvis) with a number of eclectic collaborations, from Danko Jones to The Harlem Gospel Choir to a bagpipe-playing friend of Poulsen's. Pre-order Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie and get an instant download of "The Devil's Bleeding Crown."