Billy Corgan Links Bernie Sanders to Chairman Mao, Hates on Donald Trump Protesters

Billy Corgan on Info wars
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Billy Corgan on Info Wars.

Last month, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan spoke on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' Info Wars radio show about how he thinks “liberal social justice warriors” are kind of like Maoists and the Ku Klux Klan. Yesterday (May 11), the Info Wars online talk show premiered another segment of its conversation with Corgan.

This time, the interview veered into the 2016 election (among -- trust us -- many, many other topics). Host Lee Ann McAdoo introduced him as “musical icon and great patriot Billy Corgan,” and he certainly went to work. 

He offered the following opinions on Bernie Sanders:

"To be talking in America in 2016 about ‘Mao is a good idea’ and a socialist is running for president and that’s okay. And we’re going to go back to these crazy tax rates where we’re gonna completely disempower the innovators in our country."

"Forty-six percent of Americans don’t pay any form of tax -- at least in terms of federal or state. Free stuff? Great. Give me more free stuff… That’s why I’m for Bernie Sanders." Note: According to Tax Policy Center, the figure is 45 percent, and that includes people who pay taxes but get returns that even out what they're paying. That figure does not include state taxes necessarily, just federal income tax. 

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And, because 2016, Corgan had a hot take on Donald Trump as well. He’s not endorsing the Republican frontrunner, but he’s got a bad feeling about the people who protest his rallies.

"When I watch some of the clips that you guys have been putting up at some of these protests, I have no respect for what these people are doing," Corgan said. "They’re shutting down free speech… If they have that level of vitriol for let’s say Donald Trump as a candidate, because they feel it’s antithetical to what they believe in, where is the five times great condemnation for those societies that are treating their people far worse than just ideas and words?"

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And there’s a lot more where that came from. If you’ve got a little more than a half hour to kill, why not take a deep dive into why Corgan thinks most people are “fighting phantoms that do not exist”? The whole video is below:



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