Saosin Marks Its Return With 'Control and the Urge to Pray' Video: Exclusive Premiere

Brandon Sloter

Saosin photographed in 2016.

Rockers Saosin are returning next month with their first release since 2009, Along the Shadow, and in advance are sharing the new video for "Control and the Urge to Pray" exclusively with Billboard

The new clip shows the band deep in its element, performing the song at full intensity in its rehearsal space. 

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The new album notably marks the return of the band's original frontman Anthony Green, who left the band in 2004 after its release, the Translating the Name EP. 

"This was a song that we knew we had to see through," bassist Chris Sorenson told Billboard. "The demo started off very differently and we were unsure if it would fit into the way the record was shaping. But once vocals were demoed and a few things were moved around we knew that it was something very powerful."

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Along the Shadow will be released May 20 on Epitaph. 

Watch the "Control and the Urge to Pray" video here: