Christopher The Conquered Premieres Video for 'Everybody Rains': Exclusive

Graham Gardner
Christopher the Conquered

Preparing for the release of his full-length debut album, I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll, Iowa musician Christopher Ford, better known as Christopher The Conquered, has shared a music video for newly released album track “Everybody Rains,” which Billboard is exclusively premiering today.

Though a title like “Everybody Rains” could suggest a sad song, the track’s upbeat arrangement, complete with bouncy piano accompaniment and a trombone solo, reveals a silver lining. As Christopher tells Billboard, the song was an “inner dialogue” that he wrote a few years ago as a way of improving his mood while working nine to five on his way to becoming a full-time musician.

“I was just feeling sort of depressed about everything, and then I thought about how ridiculous that seemed, given that, relative to a lot of people in this world, I have it quite good,” he explains. “Like, how could I really feel bad for myself? So I wrote this song in my head as I walked, to make myself feel better. It’s like an inner dialogue. The song is me telling myself that, ‘Hey, sometimes you get sad, but you know, just embrace the fact that you can feel and live it up.’”

Watch the video for “Everybody Rains” here:

Christopher co-wrote the video's treatment and co-directed the clip with Matthew McIver. In the video, a raincloud, portrayed by a puppet that symbolizes Christopher's inner voice, follows him around, reducing a job interview and a date to watery ruin.

“It was so cool to get to work with a puppet designer to create this thing I saw in my head: a cloud puppet that actually rains real water! The day we got it and hooked it up was one of my favorite days ever,” says Christopher about his video concept coming to life. “I love having a vision and then bringing it to reality. There were a lot of challenges with this video but it came together, and it’s bombastic and super fun and full of energy. I think it’s a perfect companion piece to the song.”

A Dive Into How Ryan Adams (And Reddit) Gave Indie Artist Christopher The Conquered A Big Boost

At the end of the video, Christopher thanks his fans for their support: The production was funded with $1,790 in donations through an Indiegogo campaign he launched in fall 2015. Much of those proceeds poured in after an eventful week in August 2015, during which a social media post from Ryan Adams gave Christopher boosts like a 701 percent jump in YouTube views and a 179 percent increase in Facebook likes. Christopher quantified those results in a post on Reddit, which caused his website traffic and social media metrics to rocket even higher. Four singles that Christopher has already released — "I'm Not That Famous Yet," "On My Final Day," "What's the Name of the Town?" and the album's title track — have now exceeded 300,000 plays across digital platforms.

I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll will be released May 13 through Maximum Ames Records. Christopher, who recently finished a 10-week tour of Europe, is launching a tour of the Midwest today that will run into June and visit such markets as Des Moines and Iowa City, Iowa; Omaha and Lincoln, Neb., and Chicago. For more information, visit