Everlast Tells Trump to Stop Using 'Jump Around,' But He Won't Sue: That's a 'Scumbag Donald Trump Move'

Stefan Hoederath/Redferns

Singer-songwriter Everlast (Erik Schrody) performs on Nov. 12, 2015, in Berlin, Germany

"The smartest businessman in the world should know that you have to license this music if it makes an appearance on TV with you," he tells Billboard of Trump using the 1992 House of Pain hit.

In case there was ever any thought otherwise, Everlast is not a Donald Trump supporter.

The presidential hopeful has been using House of Pain's 1992 hit "Jump Around" at his rallies, much to the chagrin of the rap group's frontman-turned-acoustic singer-songwriter. In response, he posted some scathing messages to social media on Monday (April 4), trashing the Republican front-runner and promising a cease-and-desist order.

Everlast (real name: Erik Schrody) told Billboard he first caught wind of Trump using the song a few days ago when someone sent him a video from CNN on Twitter. Thinking more about it on Monday, he said he felt moved to say something.

"This guy is supposedly this really good businessman, which is the biggest load of shit ever," he told Billboard. "The smartest businessman in the world should know that you have to license this music if it makes an appearance on TV with you, and they're making appearances on TV -- so you're a moron. And the reason he doesn't ask anybody -- a lot of people have asked him to cease and desist -- [is] because every f---ing person would say, 'No, f--- you,' except for whatever right-wing country artist wants to give him the song, and I don't even think there's many of them."

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There is a longstanding tradition of musicians telling off politicians for using their music without approval at campaign rallies, and Trump has definitely been a lightning rod. Aerosmith, R.E.M. and Neil Young, among others, have all demanded Trump stop playing their songs at his events, while Twisted Sister's Dee Snider gave his blessing.

Everlast said he's not considering any legal action beyond sending a cease-and-desist letter to Trump, saying suing him would be "a scumbag Donald Trump move."

Also, Everlast says it's no mistake that Trump and his campaign have chosen to use a song by a white hip-hop group. "That's hip-hop, man, that is black culture -- what the f--- do you think you're doing with it? He's a f---ing racist piece of shit," he said. "That's what he's trying to do: One of the most well-known white hip-hop groups... they're not stupid, the people around him. They're trying to create these inroads to people's demographic cubbyholes, so they can be like, 'Yeah, we're down with hip-hop. Yeah, we're f---ing cool.' F--- that dude. I'll smack that f---er's comb-over right off his f---ing scalp. Like, for real, if I met Donald Trump, I'd punch him in his f---ing face. And that's not a joke. Even if he did become president -- watch out, Donald Trump, because I will punch you in your f---ing face if I ever meet you. Secret Service had better just f---ing be on it. Don't let me anywhere within a block. This is horrible."

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This isn't the first time in the last year that Everlast's music has been playing where he didn't expect it: Last April, his song "What It's Like" soundtracked the dashboard-camera video recording from the car of the North Carolina police officer who shot Walter Scott five times in the back, killing the 50-year-old black man.

"As far as my music being attached to some shitty shit this year, it's been f---ed up," he said. "The more I analyze that, it's more of coincidence than anything, because he's listening to the radio -- but still, it's like … he's chasing down, killing the guy, and my song is playing, which is really ironic, actually, when you think about it. 'What It's Like' is a song about f---ing empathy and f---ing knowing what it is to be in another man's shoes, and he's running off shooting some black guy in the back. It's been weird, man. There are things that just throw you into the lexicon that you're not mad at, and then there's things that are like, 'Really? I could have done without this attention, honestly.'"

Though Everlast isn't supporting any of the current presidential candidates, he said the thought of a Trump presidency is a doomsday scenario. Now he feels so motivated to speak out against the businessman that he doesn't even care if it affects his career.

"This man is going to ruin this country single-handedly. Just the fact that he [could be] president is going to get us shunned by the world," he said. "This is like some bizarre f---ing cartoon. I don't even get it."