Andrew W.K. Gets Political, Forms The Party Party

Andrew W.K.
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Andrew W.K. photographed on Nov. 21, 2014 in New York City. 

The rocker says he's spent the past few years working with voters to develop a party platform that is "all inclusive" and "truly brings all Americans together."

Andrew W.K. is leading a charge to Washington D.C. with what he's calling "a new political party" called The Party Party. 

On Thursday (March 31), the rocker launched a new website for the cause with a video introducing the party with a platform of social change, which -- on the surface, at least -- seems to be serious. 

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For years, W.K. has advocated for the power of positive partying and this could be an honest step forward on his campaign to change the world. The video shows voters addressing real life issues before cutting to the "Party Hard" singer, who speaks to the camera asking for support for his new political party that transcends both the Democratic and Republican parties. 

"It's no secret that the majority of Americans are frustrated, disillusioned and concerned with the current state of our nation," he says. "The two-party political system is broken. It's created an us vs. them mentality and that's kept us from reaching our highest potential. And what's frightening is it's blinded us to the fact that underneath that all we want the same things."

W.K. says, without cracking any telling smile or wink, that he's spent the past few years working with voters to develop a party platform that is "all inclusive" and "truly brings all Americans together."

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In the video, W.K. continues to say that The Party Party has already filed the "relevant paperwork with the Secretary Of State." The website now states that a required number of signatures to qualify as a political party have been submitted as well. 

So what's next? The website says now The Party Party can begin its "formal journey into 'traditional' politics." What that means more specifically, we'll have to wait and see.