American Wolves Premiere 'Part of Me' Video, Would Love to Tour With The 1975

American Wolves
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American Wolves

Four-piece alternative rock outfit American Wolves is premiering its debut video, “Part of Me,” exclusively on Billboard today. The track, which was produced by Dan Korneff (whose credits include Paramore, Pierce the Veil and Breaking Benjamin), can be found on the group’s five-song self-titled EP, which has a to-be-determined release date.

“I really think that we have the potential to redefine what it means to be a rock star in this day and age,” says vocalist-guitarist Rod Pires of the two-year-old band (not to be confused with the tag wresting team formerly known by the same name). “I say that meaning there are so many artists that have a platform to do good and inspire people and to talk about great things, and they don’t. They’re talking about things that aren’t necessarily good topics to write about. I feel like we have the potential to set the example for this next generation of bands that are coming up. I really do think that we have the potential to change the game a little bit.”

Pires hopes to change the game by spreading positivity. "In the music industry, you have all these bands, they’re almost fighting against each other instead of bringing each other up," he says. "What’s really cool about our is band is our members, we’re constantly bringing each other up. We’re not competing for a spot. That’s something that I really want to show people: that everyone has a place."

The EDM-tinged "Part of Me" is one such uplifting anthem. Watch the video below:

Five other fast facts to know about the budding act:

It’s Called American Wolves Because…

“When you think of a wolf, you think of someone that’s fierce,” explains Pires. “You think of passion, this fire, and I think that kind of represents us. We’re hungry for more success, we’re chasing down this dream, and we’re fierce about it and we have no fear … I think it’s kind of funny, because I’m from South America and my band’s from North America, so American Wolves works.”

He’s From Brazil, To Be Exact

The 21-year-old moved to the United States from Brazil when he was 12. “My life in Brazil wasn’t necessarily the best, and thankfully I have an amazing mother and she believed that we would have a better life here,” he says of his parent, who is an English teacher. “She did everything she could and she moved us out here and gave us a new beginning. I moved here [with my brothers] for a chance at a new life.”

Pires Wound Up In Rhode Island

The Ocean State happens to be the home of such bands as John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, Throwing Muses and Deer Tick. But Pires doesn’t have warm and fuzzy feelings for the state. “There is no music scene in Rhode Island, which is one reason why I’ve always thought bigger,” he says. “I’ve never been one to think, ‘Hey, let me make a great impact in my hometown,’ because I’ve never necessary felt that at home there. I don’t want to take over my local scene. I want to take over the world.”

But American Wolves Now Operate Out Of Philadelphia

Guitarist Nicole Zell is a Philly native. Drummer Tyler Blinn recently moved to share lodgings with her, and Pires is spending more time there as well. (Bassist Rob Lundy, a longtime friend of Pires, rounds out the group.) “I’ve been here two weeks now. It was absolutely necessary [to set up base here]. You can’t be a band that’s split up across the state.”

And If The 1975 Calls, They’re Available

The band is a fan, and Pires recently posted a video on Facebook of himself covering The 1975’s “Somebody Else.” “They’re a band that everything they do has meaning, and it’s not just about the music,” enthuses Pires. “It’s about the live show, the aesthetic, the lights, it’s about how you present yourself, and I really do think they touch on a lot of things that bands don’t necessarily. They pay very close attention to a lot of details that most bands don’t, and that’s something that I pride myself in. Not necessarily that we do the same thing as they do, but we too pay very close attention to everything that we do and we make sure the details are in place. I would love to tour with them.”


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