Chvrches Chats Oboard Parahoy! Cruise: 'I Want to See a Shark So Badly'

Trish Halpin

Chvrches perform on day 3 of the 'Parahoy!' cruise as the ship leaves port in Mexico on March 7, 2016.

Chvrches’ catalog includes songs titled “We Sink,” “Under the Tide,” and “Clearest Blue,” but don’t think for one second that could keep you from enjoying them from the deck of a massive cruise ship. 

As top-billed main support on Paramore’s second Parahoy! cruise, the Scottish synthpop trio was slated for three sets on board the Norwegian Pearl, and was nice enough to chat with Billboard the morning after the first one. The full conversation will be here soon on a future episode of Billboard’s Alt In Our Stars podcast, but for now, here are some highlights from our conversation.

Paramore Rocks Its Oldest Tracks on Parahoy! Cruise's First Day

On the community that comes with the cruise: 

Lauren Mayberry: The past couple years our fanbase has definitely developed a lot. I think looking at the front row of a Chvrches show is really diverse. It could be 50-year old dudes who love Depeche Mode or teenagers or teenage girls and their dad. I think that’s a nice positive thing and something we definitely have in common with [past and current Parahoy! artists] Tegan & Sara, Paramore and Lights… it does feel like a community. 

On the presence of New Found Glory

Mayberry: With other bands on the boat, bands like New Found Glory, there’s an ethos in that band that connects with the people that love them. That’s why those guys are still here, however many years later, because those are guys who invest in local music communities and help other bands…  They still have kept all those things from being kids that put on shows back in the day and I think that’s very inspiring… It’s nice to see people give a shit about something in an industry where most people don’t. 

Hayley Williams Addresses Paramore's Next Album, Salutes Ex-Members on Parahoy!'s Third Day

On a possible Paramore collaboration:

Iain Cook: Are we going to try to get Hayley to do something? Did we ask? She did it with us once before so we figured it would be fun. So maybe we’ll ask her.

On wanting to swim with sharks: 

Martin Doherty: I want to see a f--king shark so badly. They are just swimming around; I figured that was a possibility. You think that’s unrealistic? 

On watching Paramore’s opening set to kick off the cruise: 

Mayberry: There was a lot of good dancing at Paramore last night. I went down to the pool deck to watch it, because I wanted to get the vibe. And I can’t see from the upper deck, because I’m a short person… 

I thought I was flying under the radar, doing quite well, until Hayley mentioned during the set: “Other bands that are going to play tonight -- Chvrches!” And then all the kids turned around like, [screams]. And then we all went back to focusing on the show. It’s nice. Most of the time at festivals you don’t really get that. It’s harder to go out and watch bands without drunk people pestering you. 

Why Martin didn’t get to perform one of the songs he sings lead on: 

Doherty: We would have had one Martin song, had I not been blowing chunks right before we went onstage. 

The whole interview is coming soon on the Alt In Our Stars, Billboard’s weekly alternative music-themed podcast. For now, check out our previous episodes with Yeasayer and Big Ups, and be on the lookout this Friday (March 11) for an episode with Pvris.