Into It. Over It. Premieres Lovely New Song 'Anesthetic'

Into It. Over It
Shervin Lainez

Into It. Over It

Some songs just sound like winter; others were crafted in snowy isolation, nestled far, far away from the outside world.

This is how Into It. Over It.’s hotly anticipated new album came to be. Standards (due March 11 on Triple Crown Records) was created in complete seclusion last winter in a cabin in Craftsbury, Vermont (population: 1,136). Its first sampling, a track called “No EQ,” turned out a little more fiery than you might expect, though its second helping should have you turning up the old cabin radiator.

Check out "Anesthetic,” premiering today via Billboard.

The seeds were sown way back when the band was finishing up mixing its 2013 album Intersections. Frontman Evan Weiss stumbled upon a classical guitar lying around the basement of mixer/engineer/producer Brian Deck. He tried it out, recorded some voice memos, and soon forgot all about it.

Weiss flashes us ahead two and a half years later:  “It was day 20 of being in the cabin and [bandmate] Josh [David Sparks] and I found ourselves digging through old voice notes and room recordings for any lost ideas or little ditties we could sink our teeth into.”

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This is what happens when you’re tucked away without Wi-Fi or cell phone service.

“I discovered the ‘Anesthetic’ guitar line on my old phone and we got to work. The song is played at 66 bpm. If you care to test yourself as a musician, follow the question ‘How fast can you play it?’ with ‘How slow can you play it?’ The answer for us was this song.”

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“The final result is the most proud of anything I have ever made…  I also later found out that that classical guitar was what was used by Sam Beam on every early Iron & Wine release that Brian Deck worked on. That guitar is truly special. I wish I could track it down now.”

In the weeks ahead, Into It. Over It. is hitting the road with bands like The Hotelier and The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. Find those dates here. They’ve also got a Reddit AMA coming up tomorrow (March 3) at 3 p.m. (ET).

Below, find the album art for Standards:



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Okay, for real this time: