Hear Marilyn Manson & Shooter Jennings Cover David Bowie's 'Cat People'

Marilyn Manson
 Nicholas Alan Cope

Marilyn Manson 

Marilyn Manson has long used David Bowie’s “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)” to warm up his vocals before he hits the stage. So when outlaw country rocker Shooter Jennings asked him to help sing it on a new compilation, it really was a stroke of genius.

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Unbeknownst to Jennings, his friend was well-versed in belting the early ‘80s, Giorgio Moroder-assisted Bowie hit. Manson dug deep to emulate Bowie’s baritone and, needless to say, fit into the original’s goth rock soundbed hand in glove. 

Give it a listen below (via Rolling Stone):

The “Cat People” cover comes from Jennings’ forthcoming LP Countach (For Giorgio), a tribute to both Bowie and Moroder. It’s due out Feb. 26 on vinyl and March 11 digitally via Jennings’ own Black Country Rock Media, a label named after a Bowie song, in case you were wondering about his level of fandom. 

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Moroder produced the original for Bowie. It was first released in 1982 as the lead track on the soundtrack for the film Cat People. A year later, a re-recorded version was released on Bowie’s Let’s Dance LP, since contractual obligations would not allow Moroder to appear on Bowie’s record. 

Take a listen to the original below and see how it compares to Manson and Jennings’ new twist: