Courtney Love Accused of Threats, Abuse by Kurt Cobain's Ex-Girlfriend Mary Lou Lord

Courtney Love
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Courtney Love performs at Vinyl inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino during the venue's anniversary celebration on Aug. 22, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

UPDATE: After this article was published, two of Lord's Facebook posts were deleted.

Mary Lou Lord, a singer-songwriter who dated Kurt Cobain during his pre-fame days, has called out Courtney Love for alleged death threats, defamation and more in a pair of long Facebook posts. 

The first lengthy, winding message appeared Sunday. Addressed “to Courtney and her sycophants and lemmings,” the note accuses Love of lying about abusive behaviors. These alleged events appear to stem from the early 1990s. Lord states that she waited until now to come forward out of fear of Love and respect for her relationship with her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

“You are scum. And I am about to CRUSH YOU,” Lord wrote.

On Wednesday, Lord followed with an even longer, more detailed message via her personal Facebook page.

Lord wrote of Love, “She violated my integrity, she violated my life, she even left death threats to ME as well as my elderly parents on their answering machine causing a lot of stress and weird fear within our family… She had a field day back when the internet was new and all the lies she would spread about me. She told people I killed her cat.”

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Lord also hinted that Love spread rumors about her around the time of Kurt Cobain’s death. She mentions the interview for Love’s December 1994 Rolling Stone cover story as a source of her grievances.

In the end, she extends a hand to Frances Bean and her late father, while insinuating her differences with Love cannot be mended: “I just want Frances to know that her father was one of the most amazing people I've ever met.”

“It's taken 22 years for me to get up the guts to just tell it all like this. I'm not trying to draw attention to myself … I am simply bringing this massive chapter to a final close and letting this ghost free -- for me, and for the others who were victimized and traumatized by this person who never deserved, nor should have had that kind of power.”

This is not the first time Lord has publicly criticized Love. In October 2013, she took to Facebook to dispel the aforementioned cat rumor and to voice her disapproval of Love’s cover of Big Star’s “Thirteen.”

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Over her career, Lord recorded with the likes of Elliott Smith, Shawn Colvin and Roger McGuinn. Smith is mentioned briefly in the Feb. 3 note: “…shortly after Kurt died, I met Elliott. He never judged me, and he provided a sense relief and understanding to me, and he understood. He made the loss a lot easier to take, and move on from.”

Billboard has reached out to a representative for Love for further comment. 

Find both of Lord’s complete notes below, followed by a briefer message she posted Thursday (Feb. 4), which clarifies that her claims have nothing to do with Cobain's death:

To Courtney and her sycophants and lemmings....There is a very BIG difference between "Name Drop" and "clearing your...

Posted by Mary Lou Lord on Sunday, January 31, 2016


I just wanted to thank you guys for being cool and tolerating my rantingabout CL over the last few days. Something did...

Posted by Mary Lou Lord on Wednesday, February 3, 2016


my post was about ME not him. it was about the Hell she put ME through and how it's taken a long time to get over it....

Posted by Mary Lou Lord on Thursday, February 4, 2016