The Zolas Premiere Title Track to New Album 'Swooner': Exclusive

Steve Bays


Hailing from Canadian indie music Mecca Vancouver, the Zolas return on March 4 with their third album, Swooner. Today, Billboard is exclusively premiering the title track and the band's new single, "Swooner."

Like previous Swooner samples "Molotov Girls" and "Get Dark," the title track finds the band playing with a cheerier, brighter sound than on their 2012 album Ancient Mars. Although it opens with a crunchy rock riff, buoyant synths soon take over "Swooner" and carry it into the world of '80s-influenced pop bliss. The production is shiny but the vocals are delivered with a slight sneer, indicating that the Zolas' version of party music still has an edge to it.

"'Swooner' is about those high-functioning women we all know who somehow manage to be the quarterback of their squad and the best at their job and politically engaged and the most fun person to have real talk with over beers," Zach Gray says. "I don't know how you do it but we salute you."

Listen to "Swooner" below and check out the track list beneath that. 

Swooner Track List

1. Molotov Girls
2. Swooner
3. Get Dark
4. Fell In Love With New York
5. CV Dazzle
6. Invisible
7. Freida on the Mountain
8. Male Gaze
9. This Changes Everything
10. Why Do I Wait (When I Know You’ve Got a Lover)