Watch Beck and Chemical Brothers' 'Wide Open' Video, Become a Dancing Cyborg

Courtesy Photo
The Chemical Brothers photographed in 2015.

The Chemical Brothers’ 2015 album Born in the Echoes ended with a sublime collaboration with Beck titled “Wide Open.” 

Today (Jan. 25), the British electronic duo shared a similarly enthralling video to accompany it. Members Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons commissioned frequent visual collaborators Dom & Nic to bring the song to life. Check out the results below:

According to a statement from the artists, dancer Sonoya Mizun’s transformation was inspired by Dom & Nic’s interest in cellular structures. In order to make the gradual cyborg metamorphosis possible, they created a full CG model of Mizun. The results are dazzling, and it certainly helps that she brought some serious moves to the warehouse. 

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Previously, Dom & Nic directed videos for the Chemical Brothers’ “Midnight Madness” and “Believe,” as well as Trent Reznor and David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans.”