You and Your Friend Should Write Songs Over Google Docs (Let Lizzo & Sadie Dupuis Show You)

Sadie Dupuis and Lizzo Basement Queens
Courtesy Photo

Sadie Dupuis and Lizzo on the cover art for "Basement Queens."

Below, check out their new jam "Basement Queens."

When you use Google Docs, it’s probably to ask your boss for vacation days or to coordinate shopping lists with your roommates. 

But Lizzo and Speedy Ortiz' Sadie Dupuis (recording under her solo moniker/Twitter handle Sad13) have better things to do. Before they ever met IRL, the Minneapolis-based hip-hop artist and Massachusetts punk singer laid the groundwork for a ballin’, genre-blending jam much the same way. 

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In the video below, watch the pair work out the music and lyrics of "Basement Queens" via Google doc magic. 

Afterward, they got together in the studio with producer Computer Magic and drummer Jordyn Blakely to lay it down. You can listen to the finished product here

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Are more collaborations from Lizzo and Sad13 in store? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out Lizzo’s 2015 album Big Grrrl Small World and Speedy Ortiz's 2015 LP, Foil Deer