SXSW Co-Founder Confesses to 'David Bowie' Street Sign in Austin

Rick Kern/Getty Images
A Dvid Bowie Street sign in downtown Austin, Texas that was recently changed to David Bowie Street by admitted perpetrators Roland Swenson, co-founder of South by Southwest, and Austin sign maker Jason Carter is seen on Jan. 15, 2016 in Austin, Texas.

The mystery of who placed “David Bowie” over an Austin street sign has been solved.

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SXSW co-founder Roland Swenson and Jason Carter, owner of Austin’s Wicked Signs, confirmed via a press statement Friday (Jan. 15) that they were responsible for placing a sticker of the late legend’s name over Bowie St. at the intersection of 5th street.

Earlier this week, Austin media outlets received an email with a GIF of the two men replacing the sign, though nobody had claimed responsibility for the vandalism at the time. Carter designed the sticker, which can be peeled off with no damage to the sign.

Swenson and Carter were "paying tribute to a great musician" to David Bowie and there was "never any intent to vandalize anything or waste any of the city's resources,” according to their attorneys, KEYE TV CBS Austin reports.

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“After [Bowie] passed away this week, I thought to myself 'We'll never have Bowie at SXSW, but we can still have David Bowie St,’” Swenson wrote in a statement.
The city will reportedly leave the sign up until Tuesday, Jan. 19, in to honor Bowie’s legacy. Swenson says he plans to file a petition to permanently rename the street. A petition on had more than 3,000 signatures as of publication.