Billy Corgan's Memoir is More Than 1,000 Pages, Still Not Finished

Billy Corgan
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images for CBS Radio

Billy Corgan photographed at The Forum on Dec. 14, 2014 ingInglewood, California.  

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman's working title is 'God is Everywhere, From Here To There.'

Billy Corgan has been working on a memoir and it's turning into quite the lengthy tome. Running at more than 1,000 pages, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman said he's not done yet. 

Corgan gave the status update while speaking with Chicago television personality and spiritual author Jennifer Weigel last month, with video surfacing this week. 

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The legendary rocker also said the current title for the project is God is Everywhere, From Here To There, which, as Alternative Nation reports, is very close to the name of a website Corgan once ran, Everything from Here to There, that he used to discuss concepts of "Mind-Body-Soul integration." 

Corgan also said that while the book is a memoir, he is changing the names of the characters involved in order to bring the listener into a more "interpersonal experience" of his life. 

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"The average person will be able to go, 'Oh yeah that's so-and-so.' But it's not meant to be a clever legal device," he said. "But it's not meant to be a legal device, it's meant to get you out of what you think you know and take you hopefully in the very interpersonal experience which I experienced. Which, I would argue, is mythology. Most of what I have experienced in my life isn't real."


Corgan didn't say when the book may be out, but you can watch the clip of his discussion with Weigel here: