The Cult Premieres Haunting New 'Hinterland' Video: Exclusive

The Cult
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The Cult

Veteran U.K. goth-mystic rockers The Cult are primed to cap off their most recent trilogy of albums with Hidden City, due Feb. 5. They’ve hyped it as a window into humankind’s innermost thoughts, and on the video for its latest single, we get to see what frontman Ian Astbury and company are musing about.

In the brand-new music video for the powerful “Hinterland,” a mysterious white-clad young woman enters a dream world and envisions “a shift in human consciousness.” Check it out below, premiering exclusively via Billboard:

“‘Hinterland' is a place both real and imagined, a hidden city symbolic of a new Rome,” Astbury says. “Through the eyes of several witnesses we observe a young woman as she realizes her enlightened self in a dystopian dream world. ‘Hinterland' is filled with symbolism, reflecting a new aeon in the shift of human consciousness as we realign with our planet’s natural rhythms.” 

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That’s an awful lot to take process, but rest assured the band dives even deeper across Hidden City. The Bob Rock-produced album follows trilogy precursors Born Into This (2007) and Choice of Weapon (2012).