Who Said It: Morrissey or Donald Trump? Take Our Quiz

Morrissey Donald Trump
Getty Images

Morrissey; Donald Trump

On Tuesday, Morrissey compared the security at San Francisco International Airport to ISIS. The former Smiths frontman alleged he had been groped by an inspector back in July, but claiming "it is unlikely ISIS would stoop so low" -- especially in light of last month's Paris attacks -- is not a smart thing to say.

It was the latest in a long line of Moz's questionable quotes, which have ranged from narcissism to alleged misogyny to (award-winning) terrible descriptions of sex.

2016's Republican presidential front-runner also has a similar penchant for unfortunate sound bites. Morrissey has spoken against Donald Trump, and we're guessing the feeling would be mutual. But you know what? We're willing to wager that Morrissey and Trump at their worst are harder to tell apart than you think.