Watch Eagles of Death Metal's First Interview Since Paris Attacks

Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal
Didier Messens/Redferns via Getty Images

Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal performs live at Petrovaradin Fortress on July 9, 2015 in Novi Sad, Serbia. 

Band co-founder Jesse Hughes: “I want to be the first band that plays in the Bataclan when it opens back up."

Eagles of Death Metal have conducted their first interview since the horrific attack on their Nov. 13 Paris concert, which left at least 90 dead. Vice announced the interview on Nov. 22, and this afternoon (Nov. 25) it was posted to their website.

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Watch below as Vice co-founder Shane Smith sits down with Eagles of Death Metal vocalist Jesse Hughes, guitarist Eden Galindo, bassist Matt McJukins, and sound engineer Shawn London. Drummer Julian Dorio also participates in the interview remotely. Band co-founder Josh Homme (who was not present during the attacks) joins the interview later on.

Each speaker gave his own account of the attacks and what it was like to escape. Galindo ran offstage while the gunmen reloaded from their first round. Hughes went searching for his girlfriend Tuesday Cross and was chased by a gunman, before finding her. McJukins hid with a group of fans for roughly fifteen minutes in a small room flooded with water. London was narrowly missed by a bullet and hid below his soundboard, the shooter assuming he was hit. 

Said Dorio: 

“I kinda bailed off my stool. Almost immediately, gunpowder hit my nose. I turned, looked through my drum hardware to the side of an amp. That’s when the second round started. I saw two guys out front and that might be the most awful thing ever -- them just relentlessly shooting into the audience.”

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Despite the attacks, Eagles of Death Metal are not slowing down. Instead, the band appears driven by a show of solidarity with their fans. 

“We don’t really have a choice,” Homme said. “We have to finish the tour.” 

And Hughes declared, "I want to be the first band that plays in the Bataclan when it opens back up."

Stay tuned.