Editors' Dublin Concert Comes to Life in Dazzling 'Ocean of Night' Video: Premiere

Rahi Rezvani


Shape-shifting U.K. rockers Editors have held lofty aspirations ever since they broke during the post-punk revival almost a decade ago. Tom Smith’s baritone has a sweeping grandiosity to it, and the band hasn’t been afraid to put it to task. They’ve gone from rock to electro and back, and on the latest offering from their fifth studio album In Dream, these brash aspirations are on full display.

The track is “Ocean of Night” and it’s a clinic in buildup and release -- every note primed and polished to deliver a life-affirming, arena-ready payoff. To capture the magic in music video form, Editors enlisted director Rahi Rezvani and a captivated audience at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre. 

“I directed half of the film as a documentary and another half as a concert,” Rezvani says, explaining the duality between the footage of the band in repose and in-concert action. The director is a personal friend of Editors singer Tom Smith, and he wanted to capture his persona both as a human and a frontman: “The way he sings and moves -- and the way he is transformed in a live concert.

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“The mix between stage and documentary made me feel so close to the band and so close to ‘Ocean of Night’” he says. “I hope to give the same feeling to everyone.” 

The Dublin concert happened just last month (Oct. 10) and Editors are still touring Europe. Tonight (Nov. 23), they play Lausanne, Switzerland, and will continue the trek through mid-December.