'Indigo Grey: The Passage' Director on Amy Lee's 'Pure, Powerful' Music for His Film

Amy Lee of Evanescence
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Amy Lee of Evanescence visits Fuse's "Top 20 Countdown" at KMA Studios on July 25, 2012, in New York City.

Evanescence vocalist/songwriter Amy Lee has two touring projects to keep an eye on this month. One is her band, which is set to perform its first shows since 2012. The other is the film short she co-scored, Indigo Grey: The Passage, which is making the film festival rounds.

"Amy's involvement is what really catapulted the project, lending it more visibility than we expected," director Sean Robinson tells Billboard. "This film is about taking risks and exploring the lines between fantasy and reality, and by daring to embrace the unknown, we are empowered to experience a catharsis beyond the realm of convention."

Lee composed the score to Indigo Grey: The Passage with cellist/pianist Dave Eggar (who has performed with Evanescence, Josh Groban and Coldplay) and songwriter/producer/percussionist Chuck Palmer (Frank Ocean, Phillip Phillips). They worked in collaboration with Brooklyn progressive dance troupe Hammerstep, which is featured in the seven-minute short. The film depicts a young boy who finds a mask in an abandoned building, with interesting results. Watch it below:

"Amy's vocals lend a really 'pure' sound in the score, capturing our protagonist's innocence, yet curiosity, perfectly," says Robinson. "In the ending -- the emotional climax of the boy's journey, I asked Amy to create a transcendent tone, yet very bold and strong -- the boy is now equipped to 'go into battle.' The building percussion helps underscore this perfectly, allowing the audience to experience that catharsis as well through the climax of the ending music cue. It feels very foreshadowing and powerful."

Indigo Grey: The Passage premiered at the 2015 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. It has been selected to screen at nearly 20 international film competitions, and will make its East Coast premiere at the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, which opens Nov. 19.

Lee previously worked with Eggar and Palmer to compose the music for Aftermath, the soundtrack to the 2014 indie drama War Story, which marked Lee's film score debut. 

Evanescence will play three U.S. dates starting Nov. 13 before performing at Ozzfest Japan on Nov. 21.