Jared Leto Teases New Thirty Seconds to Mars Music

Dan Wilton

On the road with 30 Seconds to Mars in London, England

These days, seeing Jared Leto’s name in the news usually means something related to Suicide Squad. Leto looks like a badass dressed as the Joker, but hey, he knows he’s got a rock band too.

Earlier Tuesday (Nov. 3) on Instagram, Leto posted a photo of himself beside a microphone, with the caption “#MarsIsComing.”



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Thirty Seconds to Mars’ last studio album was Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, which dropped in May 2013. Their last live shows were this past September and they don’t have any more lined up, save for August 2016’s Thirty Seconds to Mars-featured Malibu camping trip, Camp Mars

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Still, it looks like more is coming from Leto and company. 

Billboard has reached out to a rep for the band for further information.