Rappers Remix Fall Out Boy: New Album's Songs Ranked Worst to Best

Fall Out Boy
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Fall Out Boy perform during 103.5 KISS FM's Jingle Ball 2014 at Allstate Arena on Dec. 18, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. 

On Friday (Oct. 30), the world got Make America Psycho Again -- Fall Out Boy’s 2015 LP American Beauty/American Psycho, remixed into a hip-hop record from top-to-bottom. The rockers have collaborated with the likes of Big Sean, Lil Wayne, and, um, Jay Z before, so the move isn’t a big shocker. Vocalist Patrick Stump pursued an R&B career and was briefly in the hip-hop hook singing hustle while the band was on hiatus, so hearing his vocals alongside Migos or Azealia Banks shouldn’t shock anyone’s ears. American Beauty/American Psycho was a sample-heavy record in the first place, and now, those tracks leave the rock world for good.

Since Fall Out Boy is well-versed in the hip-hop world, we decided to put them to task. Here are the 11 remixes on the new album, ranked from worst to best. 

11. “Favorite Record” ILoveMakonnen Remix

This is one of the more forgettable tracks on the original album, so maybe Makonnen didn’t have much to work with here. Makonnen can do interesting things with guitar songs, but this isn’t one of them. From his brief verse to his production touches, this one just fades into the flow of songs. 

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10. “Novocaine” Uzi Remix 

“Novocaine” was, low key, a revved up highlight of American Beauty/American Psycho. But Uzi’s version slows down the b.p.m. and injects a boring verse. You can skip this one.  

9. “Centuries” Juicy J Remix 

Maybe it’s the overplay kicking in. Maybe it’s Juicy J’s unmemorable verse. Even though it’s the most recognizable track on the album, this remix doesn’t warrant replays.

8. “Fourth of July” OG Maco Remix 

Maco did a good job of leaving his mark on this one. Though his verse isn’t one of the best on the album, he eschews the typical one-and-done format and returns for a haunting, sing-songy passage towards the end of the song. Maybe if he’d gotten one of the bangers he’d be higher on this list.

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7. “Uma Thurman” Wiz Khalifa Remix

“Uma Thurman” was by far the biggest jam on American Beauty/American Psycho. When you have that killer surf rock Munsters sample to play around with, there’s really no way you can fail with this one. Wiz’s verse is forgettable, but hearing said guitar riff layered on top of Stump’s vocals just so is enough to get the job done.  

6. “The Kids Aren’t Alright” Azealia Banks Remix

Azealia was especially enthused to be collaborating with Fall Out Boy and it shows in the way she managed to maneuver into their original. “Kids” succeeds as a silky, nocturnal R&B song. Banks raps about wanting to put a ring on it, and acts as a good foil to Stump’s sad sack lyrics. 

5. “Irresistible” Migos Remix

The original “Irresistible” had some fun horns driving it along, but damn -- this Zaytoven beat rules. Quavo and Takeoff trade verses, and all things considered, this one sounds more like a song from the remixing artist than anything else here. 

4. “Immortals” Black Thought Remix

While most of the guest rappers focus on relationship issues (this is a Fall Out Boy album), Black Thought takes us on a welcome detour. The Roots MC uses the original lyrics as a link to his verse on living beyond America’s inequality. 

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3. “Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC)” Joey Bada$$ Remix

Joey’s verse is among the best on the album and the production is on point, too. It’s the final track and the outro hits hard -- first stretching out Stump’s vocal runs and then letting them fade away gracefully with the beat.  

2. “Jet Pack Blues” Big K.R.I.T. Remix

Like the Migos track, the Big K.R.I.T. remix takes on a life of its own, thanks to the irresistible groove that holds the beat together. It sounds less like a FOB remix and more like a hip-hop song that happens to have a Stump guest spot. Well done. 

1. “American Beauty/American Psycho” A$AP Ferg Remix

If you’re a rapper hopping on a Fall Out Boy track, you can’t take yourself too seriously. A$AP Ferg gets this. He rolls up just yelling “‘Merica” into the mic, and then raps something about loving a full-bodied woman with all the charisma of someone who probably does it an awful lot. This song was goofy to begin with, they doubled down on the fun, and we all win. 

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