Foo Fighters Start Mysterious Countdown to Nov. 23

Foo Fighters
Brantley Gutierrez

Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters are up to something.

The band recently launched a new website, featuring a countdown set to expire on Nov. 23. 

Could another installment of Sonic Highways be on the way? Quite possibly. Dave Grohl has hinted about a second run of the 2014 HBO series/album venture, which took the band around the U.S., collaborating on eight songs in eight different cities. 

The countdown ticker appears on a U.S. highway-style road sign, which certainly ties in with the project’s theme. 

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In June 2015, Grohl pondered the location of the next Sonic Highways installment to NME:

"It might or might not be international," he mused. "It might only be England, or be England and other places, or maybe it's places in America and people from other countries that are inspired by these places in America… It can be anywhere, because every city has a musical history."

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It’s also worth noting that Nov. 23 is four days after the Foos’ 2015 tour concludes, so they’ve got an open schedule ahead. 

Or hey, maybe it's just the date when Grohl gets done rehabbing his injured leg. Who knows? 

For more insight on the Foo Fighters’ next move, check out tomorrow (Oct. 30) for an interview with producer Butch Vig on the Alt In Our Stars podcast