Lose Your Head Over Punchline's New Sound in 'Tell Me How You Sleep' Video Premiere

Punchline 2015
Courtesy Photo


Punchline has never been a household name, but for the Pittsburgh band, it’s not for lack of effort. 

They emerged with the powerhouse label Fueled By Ramen in the mid-2000s, and never quite caught on like some of their peers. Since then, they’ve refused to go quietly. In fact, they’ve maintained and grown a sturdy fan base, which the songwriting duo of Chris Fafalios and Steve Soboslai is about to lead on another chapter.

On their new song, “Tell Me How You Sleep” they’ve gone full on electropop -- a far, far cry from a band that once crafted guitar-based hooks without any hit of synthesizer. Even better, they made a neat animated video to go with it, which they’re premiering today on Check it out below:

“I met animator Devin Ensz through this thing called the internet that I have on my computer,” Soboslai says to Billboard, in an appropriately chilling revelation. “We'd wanted a video where our heads fell off and at the time it didn't make sense to cut off our heads for a live action video. Animation was the way to go and Devin was our man. He spent over 300 hours making our song come to life. It's the best song/video combo we've ever had as a band and we are most definitely thrilled.” 

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The power-duo also spoke on their electronic reinvention. But don’t call it a re-brand. They’re just a band, baby.

“Some music industry types suggested we change our band name as sort of a re-brand, to which responded 'wat?' Soboslai says. “We are not a brand. We are a band. As long as Chris and I are making music together, it will be Punchline. Even when we make our alt. polka album.”

“We set out to write an album of songs that we love, and we did just that,” Fafalios says. “We're hopeful that many others will love them too, but with this album, we had to make ourselves happy first and foremost.”

The new album is called Thrilled, and it’s out Dec. 4 on InVogue Records. Pre-sale info is available here.