Caligula's Horse Premieres 'Firelight' Video: Exclusive

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Caligula's Horse

"Right now, we want to be part of something more positive, to write music with a message of self-belief and optimism," says Jim Grey of the track.

Australian band Caligula’s Horse tends to create music that unites the guitar acrobatics of progressive rock and the intensity of metal with lofty, dulcet interludes. But “Firelight,” the introductory track to new album Bloom (arriving Oct. 30 in the United States on Inside Out Music), is a definite shift in style. The track is more easygoing than barn-burners like “A Gift to Afterthought” and “Dark Hair Down,” and hews closer to a traditional pop structure.

“It’s part of the natural growth of our sound,” singer Jim Grey says of the change of pace. “Caligula’s Horse will always be a reflection of who we are as individuals, and as musicians. Right now, we want to be part of something more positive, to write music with a message of self-belief and optimism. A lot of progressive metal can be very introspective and dark, and having written music in that way previously, we didn’t want to repeat ourselves either. So ‘Firelight’ is part of a step forward for us.”

Watch the video for "Firelight" below:

As for whether “Firelight” is indicative of what the rest of Bloom sounds like, Grey notes, “In terms of its message and positivity, yes. In terms of its sound … sometimes yes, sometimes no, ha ha. Bloom is a very varied album, full of changes in dynamic and color. There’s something for everyone on [it].”

He further explains that “Firelight” is dedicated to a friend who passed away in 2014. “She was a hugely important person in my life in a time of great change for me some years ago. Her loss has affected me deeply and fundamentally changed my outlook on life. To me, this song is a choice not to live in mourning, but to celebrate life and to heal. It’s incredibly important to me personally. No matter where we are in the world, no matter the language, when the crowd sings this song with me, I will think of her.”

Grey continues, “I wanted to write a song that didn’t just celebrate life, but the beauty of life’s fragility. Those of us who are lucky enough to live are only here for such a brief time, so we should celebrate one another, respect one another and leave a legacy of kindness.”