Man Builds Guitar Out of Legos: Here's How It Sounds

Courtesy of Pavan Wood Works

A Lego guitar made by Pavan Wood Works.

In the past, we’ve shown you bands like Nirvana, Fall Out Boy, and the Rolling Stones built entirely out of Legos. Now there’s a Lego guitar to go with them, and it actually works.

An Italian gentleman by the name of Nicola Pavan built the guitar, inspired by the design of a Fender Jaguar.  “You might be thinking that under that layer of Lego there is some type of wood that forms the support,” he writes on his official site, translated from Italian. “But you are wrong. The body is made entirely out of Lego and without any kind of glue between the various blocks.”

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Aside from the strings, neck, and electronics, the entire thing is made out of Legos. You might have a hard time keeping it in tune, but now you have the perfect guitar for which to play that song from The Lego Movie