Let the Mantles Take You on a Catchy, Indie Pop Stroll With 'Hate to See You Go'

Daniel Armstrong

Bay Area indie poppers the Mantles are readying a new album for veteran Bay Area indie pop label Slumberland. We invite you to bop your head along to “Hate to See You Go,” the fourth track from All Odds End, due Oct. 16.

“'Hate to See You Go' was loosely inspired by L.A.’s power-pop band the Last with a thematic nod to the bummer ending of Squeeze’s classic "Up the Junction," vocalist-guitarist Michael Olivares tells Billboard, doubling as a fine rock critic. “An up-tempo downer tune with twirling guitars and heavy hitting drums about what the evils of excess can do to a person. Lyrically we are ‘cynical-optimists’ and this song is just another feather from a dead bird stuck in our vainglorious hat. ‘You’ll smile until it becomes malicious.’”

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In that last line, he’s quoting the song’s second verse and giving us a good idea of this track’s lighthearted bummer vibe. It’s also a very, very catchy nugget of guitar pop crammed into less than two minutes, which should get you excited for that full length, produced by Jason Quever, of the San Fran indie poppers Papercuts. 

Pre-orders of the new album are available here