Green Day Releases Trailer for Long-Lost 'American Idiot' Documentary

Green Day Billie Joe Armstong Heart Like A Hand Grenade
Courtesy of Green Day

Billie Joe Armstong in the trailer for "Heart Like A Hand Grenade."

The theatrical trailer for the long-shelved Green Day documentary Heart Like A Hand Grenade is officially here.

Green Day's Long-Lost 'American Idiot' Documentary Is Finally Coming

The documentary follows the band during the recording of the album American Idiot, released 11 years ago on Sept. 20. John Roecker, the director of the film, released a statement on the band’s website calling the project “a fly on the wall art house piece.”

In addition to showing the trio in the midst of the recording process (something they'd never allowed before Roecker came into the picture), the film also includes a rarely seen performance by the band, who booked a small theater to perform the album in its entirety after they finished recording.

Heart Like A Hand Grenade will be released in theaters nationwide on Oct. 15.