Toadies Premiere New Album 'Heretics,' Cover a Blondie Classic

Courtesy of Kirtland Records

Texas alternative rock vets Toadies are back with a new album, and Billboard has an exclusive first listen.

It’s called Heretics and it features three new songs, a bunch of reinterpreted Toadies tracks, and a cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.” 

"Tracking Heretics was a blast, as usual,” frontman Vaden Todd Lewis tells Billboard. “We've worked with Rob Schnapf on and off for over twenty years, so the rapport was already established. His studio is crammed full of vintage gear, which came in handy on this record especially.”

But sometimes vintage gear acts like vintage gear. When a keyboard broke down one day, the band kept playing around instead of clearing the isolation booth. “A chord progression popped into my head and Rez (Mark Reznicek) started playing along. By the end of the next day we had basic tracking for a brand new song, ‘Queen of Scars.’”

Toadies, 'Stop It': Exclusive Song Premiere

Lewis continues:

“I have too many favorite songs from this session to pick just one, but ‘Rattler's Revival’ is a standout for sure. I feel like we pushed the envelope the most on this one, and the results are killer.”

Heretics is out Sept. 18 on Kirtland Records.