Hop On Total Makeover's 'Emotional Rollercoaster': Hear Their Catchy New Wave Jam

Courtesy of Terrorbird
Total Makeover

Total Makeover is a new band with a lot of promise. How can you tell? "Sarah, You're Anxious," a perfectly paranoid slice of timeless new wave, is only a b-side. 

Check it out below, premiering exclusively via Billboard:

Total Makeover formed earlier this year after the demise of the Brooklyn electropop group Neighbors, so there is something to be said about that moniker. Frontman Noah Stitelman, along with Sam Hendricks and fellow former Neighbors Julie Noyce and Brian Harney, wanted to make more visceral tunes, and hit the studio to record "Sarah, You're Anxious" as one of the first Total Makeover tracks. The synth hangs in the back and sets the mood, while the guitar, bass, and drums drive a killer chorus home.

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On their official Facebook page, they call their genre "emotional rollercoaster," and that certainly fits the lyrical content. About that, Stitelman tells Billboard:

"This song is about dealing with someone who has a lot of secrets or things to hide. They work so hard to present this image of themselves but it always backfires and eventually you can just poke through the screen and look at what's behind it all. It's sort of about what happens when someone's story starts to fall apart. I wanted to take a less is more approach to the EP so I decided this one should be a b-side, but I still think it's a winner."

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We feel the same way. The self-titled, self-released EP is due Aug. 21. That same day, the band is playing a record release show at Alphaville in Brooklyn.