Future Islands & Lower Dens Team With Middle Schoolers For Moving Baltimore Tribute Song

Future Islands
Courtesy of YouTube

A still from the video for "Believe in Baltimore" by Living Classrooms' Believe in Music kids (w/Future Islands & more).

“This city is where we live, this city is where we come from, won’t let it crumble into mass destruction.”

Believe in Music is a Baltimore-based program that uses music education to bring out the best in kids. They recently shared a heartwarming video featuring a bunch of middle schoolers performing a hometown anthem called "Believe in Baltimore," with help from a few local musicians. 

Check it out below:

Future Islands' rhythm section -- bassist William Cashion and drummer Michael Lowry -- arranged the tune, and Lower Dens' Jana Hunter served as the kids' vocal coach. But it really is about the kids, since they wrote and sung all the words, which reference their experiences with the Baltimore riots.

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Cara Satalino of the band Outer Spaces took lyrics written by the kids and crafted the song. For more on its creation (and to download the song), check out 98.7 WTMD's story.

Believe in Music is a program of the Living Classrooms Foundation. For more information, check out their official site and the Believe in Music official page.