Hayley Williams Joins New Found Glory in 'Vicious Love' Video: Watch Them Get Inked

Hayley Williams
Courtesy of Hopeless Records

A scene from the video for New Found Glory - Vicious Love (feat. Hayley Williams)"

Paramore's Hayley Williams joins New Found Glory on this new version of their pop-punk anthem "Vicious Love." Together, the supergroup of sorts paints a picture of the ultimate love-hate relationship...which many people also have with their more impulsive (and relationship-based) body art.

New Found Glory Saves Horse Just Hours Before Slaughter

Appropriately, they set the video in the "Vicious Love Tattoo Shop," with New Found Glory members manning the needle for a string of ill-fated couples (hey, it's not their day job). Even Hayley gets tatted -- with a simple "Chad," as in New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert.

Watch the video below: