Watch Buckcherry Perform New Song 'The Madness' Live In-Studio: Billboard Exclusive

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Could there be a more appropriate title for Buckcherry's first full album on its own F-Bomb Records imprint than Rock 'n' Roll?

"That's what we do," frontman Josh Todd tells Billboard about the set,. "We have our own record label now. We get to creatively do what we're great at, and that's being Buckcherry. Over the years being on several different labels we've been pushed and pulled and told so many different things, and whenever we stick to our guns and do what feels right to ourselves and to the honesty of Buckcherry, then everything works out. So this is like the best time to be Buckcherry, creatively as artists. It's fantastic."

And, Todd adds, "It's a lot to take on as well, so we're learning as we go."

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Watch the band perform the raucous track "The Madness" from the album (due out Aug. 21) in an in-studio performance, which Billboard is exclusively premiering below. 

"The Madness" followed Buckcherry's usual process, with music composed by guitarist Keith Nelson and Todd providing melody and lyrics. "I struggle with two sides of my mind," Todd, who's a father of two young kids, says of the song's theme. "There's the side that wants to be really bad and the side that really wants to be good, and this is a constant battle with me. So that's what 'The Madness' is about, and I just felt like the chorus came together really well." And as a father of two young kids, Todd has some explaining to do when it comes to the meaning of songs like "Wood" or their expletive-laced music.

"Yeah, we talk about all that," Todd notes. "I allow them to listen to song with adult words; it's not like forbidden fruit to them. We talk about it and they can listen to songs like that and they can have their own interpretation. I don't want them saying those words when they go to school. They know that. My son and I were skateboarding the other day; he's six years old, and he's like, 'Dad, you say a lot of bad words in some of your songs' and I go, 'I know.' And he goes, 'Can you do it right now?' and I go, 'No, I'm not gonna do that right now' and he was like, 'OK' and just went back to skateboarding. That was pretty great."


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Rock 'n' Roll -- which follows last year's F*ck EP -- is 10 tracks of riffy rock in the mold of "Lit Up" and "Crazy Bitch" accented with a melodic ballad such as "Rain's Falling" and the horn-y soul track "Tight Pants." "There's always more songs," Todd says, "but I want to make all our records 10 songs. I feel like as a listener that's about as much as you've got in you. I don't know anybody who sits down and listens to 14 songs on a record from beginning to end anymore."

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Buckcherry has an assortment of summer festivals on its docket now and is planning an extensive fall tour. And with Rock 'n' Roll finished the group is starting to consider what else it wants to do with the F-Bomb imprint moving forward. "Eventually we would like to sign other bands and get involved with developing their songs and making great records with them," Todd says. "I know that we can do that and it's just gonna take that unique situation, 'cause we don't want to take on anybody who I don't feel can listen and do the things to try to make themselves as great as they can possibly be. Keith and I have a lot of experience in every side of this business, so we have a lot to offer. I'm sure we'll find the right situation."