President Obama Invites Black Keys to Play White House

Rob Ball/WireImage
Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys performs on Day 2 of the Isle of Wight Festival at Seaclose Park on June 12, 2015 in Newport, Isle of Wight. 

Yesterday (July 1), Barack Obama tweeted that he was listening to OutKast's "Liberation" and the Black Keys' "Lonely Boy" after a fan asked him for his current favorite songs in a #AskPOTUS sesh. The Black Keys hit him back, asking if they could use Air Force One for their upcoming gigs. The POTUS responded with a no, but put a pretty decent offer on the table.

The band hasn't publicly responded, though they did retweet Obama's response. Are moves already being made behind the scenes? Maybe! The Ohio band has roughly a year and a half to make it happen, or else they'll have to bank on the musical taste of the next officeholder. 

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