Curl Up With Beach House's 'Sparks,' First Single From New LP 'Depression Cherry'

Beach House
Liz Flyntz

Beach House's new album is called Depression Cherry. If that didn't pick you up enough when the Baltimore natives announced it in May, the first track off it -- a somber, hazy slice of the Beach House wheelhouse called "Sparks" -- might.

"Sparks" could remind alt kids of the since-banned caffeinated energy drink of the same name, but this is probably the last thing you'd want to listen to if you happen to have a case of it stashed away in your basement (it would probably be expired anyway, so don't). The Beach House track is spacious bed of sonic blankets layered just so: the organ, the distorted guitar flourish, the distant march of percussion, Victoria Legrand's ethereal vocals. This isn't far off from 2012's Bloom (their last LP), but that's not a problem at all. 

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Depression Cherry is out Aug. 28 on Sub Pop. Ten days prior, the duo embarks on an admirably comprehensive tour that will take them around North America, to Europe, and back to the U.S. through Dec. 18. The dates are on Beach House's official site.