'Orange Is the New Black' Star Has a Punk-Rock Past

Annie Golden on "Orange Is the New Black"
Jessica Miglio/Netflix

Annie Golden on "Orange Is the New Black"

There's a whole new reason to praise Norma: Orange Is the New Black's silent star (Annie Golden) was the lead singer of '70s punk-rock band The Shirts.

The Shirts came together in 1975 and were regulars at New York's CBGB, opening for popular bands like the Talking Heads.

'Orange is the New Black' Receiving Official Soundtrack

Before OITNB, Golden had some solo time in the spotlight too: Her single "Hang Up the Phone" was featured on the soundtrack for John Hughes’ Sixteen Candles in 1984.

Check out Golden performing the hit on a 1986 episode of Late Night With David Letterman below:

To see Norma in action on season 1 of OITNB, watch the video here: