Foo Fighters Are Already Thinking About 'Sonic Highways' Part 2

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways
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In Nov. 2014, Foo Fighters released Sonic Highways, an album recorded in eight different U.S. cities, with each song inspired by the music of that town. In a recent video interview with NME, bandleader Dave Grohl indicated that a second Sonic Highways installment is coming. The question is when.

Grohl confirmed there will be another Sonic Highways season, indicating a reprisal of the HBO series that accompanied the 2014 album. 

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"It might or might not be international," he mused. "It might only be England, or be England and other places, or maybe it's places in America and people from other countries that are inspired by these places in America… It can be anywhere, because every city has a musical history."

So there you have it -- Sonic Highways part two will happen, but we have no idea when, and it could happen literally anywhere. Grohl did admit how tiring the process was ("That's another year of my life," he mused), so it doesn't sound like the second album is just around the corner. But who knows…