Candy Hearts Announce New Acoustic EP, Premiere 'In and Out,' Inspire Us to Just Enjoy Life

Candy Hearts
Jonathan Weiner

Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts poured an awful lot of life and love into touring behind 2014's All the Ways You Let Me Down. They're playing the entire Warped Tour this summer, so the New Jersey band certainly deserves a chance to come up for air. Lucky for them (and us), they didn't halt their hustle and found a way to do it through music.

On the day before the Fourth of July, they'll release the Acoustic Hearts EP, a a five-song collection of stripped-down tracks, one of which was inspired by a demoralizing trek through the American southwest. The track is called "In and Out" and it's premiering via Billboard:

"We were driving overnight from somewhere in the southwest and I was freaking out like I wouldn't be able to get enough sleep," frontwoman Mariel Loveland tells Billboard. "I turn to my friend and he's just like, 'Mariel, what exactly is worrying about being tired doing for you? Will being tired change your life? Look at what you're missing as you complain. The sun is rising right now over the desert and you've never seen that before. You're here with your friends and you get to watch it, so just look. Be here, be present, just look and don't worry about things that don't matter.'"

What she's getting at is that sometimes a much-needed wake-up call falls right into your lap, as long as you're open to it: "It's about that one, unexpected person you meet who sort of slaps you in the head and says, 'Hey, why are you doing this to yourself. Stop hiding from life and let it happen.'" 

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Aside from "In and Out," the EP also features a new song called "I Want to Hate You" and acoustic takes on the All the Ways You Let Me Down tracks "Brooklyn Bridge," "Top of Our Lungs" and "Something's Missing."

"This is how the songs sound to me when I play them for the very first time in my bedroom, before we add the loud drums and distorted guitars," Loveland says. "I think there's a certain magic in the rawness of just a singer and a guitar and that's what we tried to mimic in this EP. We wanted to make it sound like you could be in the bedroom next us, hearing us play these songs for the first time."

Pre-orders are available here.