Alkaline Trio's Dan Andriano Premieres Smiths/Men At Work-Inspired New Solo Track 'Enemies'

Dan Andriano
Courtesy of Asian Man/Xtra Mile Recordings

Dan Andriano

He's back at it with his side project Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room.

It's a great day for bassist-vocalists. For the last half-decade, Dan Andriano has used his side project the Emergency Room as an outlet for songs that didn't fit with his day job, the long-running Chicago punk band Alkaline Trio

Following up 2011's Hurricane Season, the bassist-vocalist-songwriter is releasing Party Adjacent on July 17 as Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room. Today, he's premiering the first single "Enemies" exclusively through Billboard. Check out the lyric video below:

"Enemies" was the last song Andriano wrote for the album, as the man of the hour explains it actually started as a completely different song. "I was digging the sentiment and words, but the song part was bumming me out," he tells Billboard. "Three days before I left for San Jose, I started messing with that opening guitar part and I had this cool, late era Smiths or Men at Work kinda vision for it. So I scrapped the other tune, stole some words from myself, and made a new and better song."

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You can hear the '80s influence he's talking about especially in the airy first verse, before the delicate guitar stabs coalesce into a big, thumping chorus. 

"(Producer) Jeff Rosenstock, (guitarist) Mike Huguenor, and (bassist-keyboardist) Kevin Higuchi really fucking nailed it as far as the vibe I was going for... I was able to step a little outside my comfort zone, but I still think it sounds like me." 

Party Adjacent comes out in the U.S. via Asian Man Records, the label that released the first two Alkaline Trio full lengths. It's up for pre-order here. It's out in the rest of the world on Xtra Mile Recordings.