Pop Evil Premieres New Single 'Footsteps': Exclusive

Pop Evil
Dean Bradshaw

Rock band also reveals album artwork and track listing.

Rock band Pop Evil achieved four Mainstream Rock Songs top 10s with its last album, 2013's Onyx, including the No. 1 hits "Trenches," "Torn to Pieces" and "Deal With the Devil." That means the odds are in its favor that "Footsteps," the first single from the soon-to-be-released album Up, (eOne Music, Aug. 21), will follow the same path.

"The message to embrace life one step at a time, mixed with an infectious groove, made 'Footsteps' an obvious choice for the first single," says Pop Evil singer Leigh Kakaty. "We want to be more positive and have more fun this time around. This record and this new single have all that and then some. We are more excited than ever to be leading off our fourth studio album with this song."

Billboard has the exclusive premiere of "Footsteps." Listen to it below:

Kakaty explains that the inspiration behind the rest of Up "comes from a personal reawakening. Our last album, Onyx, was written from such a dark place because of the struggles to get to the next level in our career. We really were in the trenches making that album. It was so important when writing this new album to put the darkness behind us and start focusing on a positive mind-set. One step at a time, and we look forward to the future through hard work and persistence. We're coming!"

Pop Evil has released several "making of" clips as teasers for Up, and in one of them, drummer Chiachi Riot said that making the album was completely different from anything the group has one before. Kakaty says the main reason for that is how the band collaborated this time. "The way the band came together on ideas and concepts made the whole writing process a positive experience," he says. "We were having more fun on this record, and we took more risks."

The album artwork for Up:

eOne Music

Another reason for the change could be Pop Evil's pairing with Adam Kasper -- who has worked with Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden -- to produce Up. Kakaty says Kasper was "exactly what the band needed at this point. He helped bring confidence that led to a tenacious work ethic in how we prepared and recorded in the studio. His leadership brought out the best in us, and it resulted in our best work to date."

The track listing for Up is:

1. Footsteps
2. Core
3. In Disarray
4. Take It All
5. Ghost of Muskegon
6. If Only for Now
7. ...
8. Ways to Get High
9. Lux
10. Vendetta
11. Dead in the Water
12. Seattle Rain
13. Til Kingdom Come